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kirsokiliVaricocele refers to an abnormal dilation of the testicular veins.

It is a surgically treatable common cause of male infertility.


  • It affects 10-15% of the male population
  • However, it accounts for 20-40% of male infertility cases


It is attributed to a structural anomaly of the venous vessels and valves, causing them to dilate.


Most of the cases are asymptomatic.

Symptoms that may manifest include:

  • Deep testicular pain
  • A sense of scrotal heaviness


Diagnosis is established through clinical examination and scrotal Doppler ultrasound.


Treatment is surgical.

During the procedure, the testicular veins undergo ligation in order to avoid any venous blood reflux and its harmful impact on the testicle.

Indications for surgery.

There are specific indications for the surgical treatment of varicocele:

  • Identification of pathological values in the semen analysis (sperm diagram)
  • Testicular pain not attributed to other causes
  • Gradual testicular atrophy during adolescence