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The urethra is a tube connecting the bladder to the outside of the body.

In women, it measures 4cm in length and 0.5cm in diameter; it passes through the pelvic floor and its outlet is at the vaginal opening.

In men, it is larger in length (15-20 cm); it passes through the penis and its outlet is at the outer urethral orifice which is located at the glans apex. During ejaculation, the semen also passes through the male urethra.

Urethral disorders include:

  • Congenital anomalies (hypospadias, epispadias)
  • Inflammations (urethritis)
  • Urethral stenoses
  • Urethral neoplasms

Symptoms that may cause urethral disorders are:

  • Voiding difficulty
  • Painful voiding
  • Urethral discharge
  • Hematuria (blood in urine)