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The bladder is a hollow, balloon-like muscular organ.

It is located in the pelvis and supported in its position by the pelvic floor, i.e. a complex of muscles and ligaments.

Bladder Diseasessource: www.leafscience.com

At its upper part, it is connected with the ureters and at its lower part with the urethra.

The function of the bladder is to collect the urine in between the voiding intervals and contribute to its removal during voiding.

The integrity of the nerves ending within the bladder and its muscular wall are both necessary for this function.

The most common bladder diseases are:

  • Malignant neoplasms (bladder cancer)
  • Inflammations (cystitis)
  • Hyperactive bladder
  • Retrograde flow of urine from the bladder into the ureter (vesicoureteral reflux)